Our mission is to inform, support and alleviate the isolation of anyone affected by a rare chromosome disorder and to raise public awarenessJust Giving Link - Our Chosen CharityDONATE HERE

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In June 2016 Richard and Graham, in the 1968 Volvo you can see in the picture, are taking on the Peking to Paris Motor Challenge. This is a 13490 km (8,383 miles) rally across 11 countries in 34 days, 8 of which will be spent in the Gobi desert, sleeping in a tent.

Please support us in our adventure and help us raise money for a little known but fantastic charity - Unique. Unique is a charity set up to support families with, and raise awareness of, rare chromosone disorders. Chromosones are the building blocks of every child and decide everything about them, there are 46 in every cell of our body, meaning there are billions. Sometimes a break can occur in our Chromosones and lead to a Chromosone disorder. Please click on the Unique logo for more information.


We have a particular reason to be thankful to Unique as they supported us when we learnt we were affected by this in our family.

Thanks again


Richard & Graham


In addition to the many online donors we would like to thank the following off line donors for their support and for all your encouragement.

Nelsons for Cartons & Packaging
Kluman & Balter
Ann & Albert Hickman
Brook Food Processing


All your donations are greatly appreciated - thank you.

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