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Day #1 - START Sun 12th June UPDATED 14th June

Posted on 12th June, 2016
Leaving Hotel - very early! Up at 4am.
Arriving at Great Wall- Juyongguan
The start line with the Great Wall as a backdrop .
START LINE - And it's all kicking off !

Already one casualty - Car 11 apparently didn't leave the hotel car park


ADDITIONAL Photo's now in from Pammy - 14/6/2016

"Don't cry man - you'll see her soon!" - says Graham

"Has Pammy got your wallet?" - asked Richard

"No! now drive, go, go quick before she realises" - said Graham.


Lorries overtake lorries overtaking cars - it's mad! (admin - but really safe Pammy & Janis...xx)

Oh it's those lorries again except this time up hill fully loaded !!!!

And when it all goes wrong !
Lunch day 1 - 3 courses I will have you know - banana for me and biscuits for Richard

But it was worth it !

Arrived at this amazing monastery - our final check in for the day .
Well deserved ice cream
No major car issues - oil pressure light flickering but we think it's heat affecting the sender and the Brantz distance logged refused to re boot - thanks to the techs all sorted - too light on the on /off switch !!!   4 am start - 6pm finish - not bad for day 1 ! 
Day 1 dinner now then bed .

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