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Day #5 - R&R Under the Volvo

Posted on 16th June, 2016

Greetings all - and what a lovely day for working on/under the old Volvo....lovely views too!

The scene in the Car Park this morning - although we have some noise issues we may have got off lightly when you see what repairs are underway -

We think there is a broken gearbox mount or shock is on way out. Could be broken Spring but no sign of anything on a visual inspection . 

Bad weather day today as well - no fun working outside on a car!

I'll hold the torch and let Richad get stuck in! (admin: No change there then)

"Come on Richard, I don't want to miss lunch" - GY

Very good news - the knocking was three subframe bolts that had vibrated loose . Tightened them up and all good now - the ones on the drivers side also had a bit of play too. 


Found another issue though on our checks - when adjusting the rear drums the adjuster seized on the drivers side . Took the hub off to reveal one of the adjuster bolts had fallen out - lost forever . You cannot believe the vibration these cars have had . Decided to check the other side and both bolts had vibrated out - lost forever however the adjuster had moved and this had caused it to force the pads on at the bottom of the drum causing one to break up . Two bolts found and a new brake shoe fitted all good . Re packed the car - tried to get as much of the Gobi out if the car as possible but it's only going to get full again as we now have 5 days on the bounce of driving tracks and camping until the Russian border .

Happy days - car fixed and ready for day 6 ! Positive mood today !

Watch us disappear off the result tables as we are now officially driving like Miss Daisy from here on in - sole objective get in to Paris on 17th July in the car we started in !

RA & GY x

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