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Day #11 - Olgiy to Altai Republic (Russia)

Posted on 22nd June, 2016

Day #11 - Olgiy to Altai Republic (Russia) 180km

Admin: Standing by for photos and Rally Stats - bear with.... bear with....IT'S HERE!


Day 11 border control - left campsite at 07.30 - 6 hours of formalities and leave Mongolia . How many times did we have to show our passports ??? 

Through the border and 28km to our campsite - beautiful location let's ignore the lack of facilities. GY has a dodgy tummy - not ideal but Imodium is taken in abundance.

Day 11 starts - a long drive to Aya . Three time trials all driven well by my co pilot whilst I try and stay awake I the passenger seat. Those Imodium seem to slow everything down ! Arrived at Aya - the Russian version of Prestatyn ! 

Car checked and prepped for another long day tomorrow - 690km and then a rest day in Novosibirsk . Think most of the day will be spent doing washing !!! - Richard & Graham in Russia in Bromance x x

Don't think border control in Mongolia were expecting this!


This piece of paper means we can cross the border !

Well where is GY ? Making friends in the tent with a box of Imodium

Admin: Who is that mystery camper?


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"Great things are done when men and mountains meet. William Blake. The Altai mountains might not be the highest in the world, but on a day like today, when you already feel like you're on top of the world they might as well be. 

When we woke up this morning to a freezing, clear and silent dawn the magnitude of our surroundings and what we’d done in the past eight days began to hit home. Mongolia has been unforgettable but today we have to leave and, to paraphrase Paul Carter from the 2007 Peking to Paris, this morning a whole load of tired old men (sorry ladies) in tired old cars turned up at a border in the middle of nowhere to launch themselves on the second part of The Greatest Driving Adventure.

This was our second border crossing of the trip and thanks to the diligent work of the Rally Office team as well as our excellent Kyrgyz Concept fixers we passed through without any major incident.

Much of the inevitable and tedious paperwork had already been filled in for us so that when the border guards approached, the crews simply had to “point to the numbers on their doors, show them the letter and tell them that they were on a rally”. Unfortunately the numbers, the letter and the word Rally didn’t  translate into modern Russian parlance and there was still a fair bit of a wait as our details were punched into the computers"

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