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Day #13 - Aya to Novosibirsh (560km)

Posted on 24th June, 2016

Day #13 - Aya to Novosibirsh (560km)

Rally STATS:

Day: 9hrs 32mins (Total 98hrs 9mins) Overall Position: 22  Class Position: 7


UK STATS: Keep your passports safe boys....we're OUT and Dave's packing...WE NEED YOU BACK!!




A delayed start due to road closures and bad weather . Some trials cancelled and route changes but still over 550km . 

 Long long day - arrived at Novosibirsk at nearly 7pm no stopping except to buy water and an ice cream and bun ! Another quality lunch .

Roads are much better than Mongolia but take the worst uk road and make it 10 times worse and you get Russian roads ! They are trying to Improve them but it takes time and there's a few miles of them . 

A few dramas for us 

1. Fuel supply issue - lost power and had to pull over . Fault traced to a sweet paper issue - ask my co pilot !!!!!!!

2. Exhaust very noisy - moving on its mounts . Transpired today another broken mount !!! Welded and improved at Reaktor this morning. 

3. Massive oil leak from rest of car on arrival at the hotel. Ok not so bad - the can of spare oil in the boot had split open . Richard has previous leaving oil everywhere ! 



Another 70 litres of your best vinegar please. 

Had to take evasive action at the end of a test stage to avoid a previous incident . We were fine but some damaged metal... and so to bed for TV.....

"I'm not letting go of the remote and I'm NOT asleep....."




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