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Day #15 - Novosibirsk to Omsk (668km)

Posted on 27th June, 2016

Day #15 - Novosibirsk to Omsk (668km)

Rally STATS:

Day: 11hrs 28mins (Total 109hrs 37mins) Overall Position: 23  Class Position: 7


Awoke to this on the notice board .

At these speeds we should be at the border by Christmas

Leaving in about 1 hour - lights all washed and fluids checked . It's going to be a long long grey day! Then it gets more interesting as we get nearer Moscow.


Left Novosibirsk late - one hour delay imposed by the local authorities . Lovely leaving parade and police closed the streets so we had a good exit  .Then the 690 km slog to Omsk.! Roads much better than we thought - there is a lot of infrastructure work going on . There's still areas though that need work and you have to watch out as they aren't highlighted.
Health and Safety is not a priority here - no signal controls on lane closure etc. 
Test was cancelled due to waterlogged roads so that saved us a couple of hours.

Omsk is an 'interesting' place . Only recently opened up to the West you can tell it was a military and mining area. Not a lot architectural but another City ticked off as we cross Russia.

Long day today, 650km, taking us over 5000 in total. 300km was through forest/trees, this country is vast. A bit of a boring run with some rain that cancelled all the timed sections. To those following the tracker, the loop is us turning back not getting lost (again).

We had a grand send off this morning, main road closed, music, dancers, spectators. In an Ibis now, no Marriott this, but clean and a steak on the menu. Ps. Talking cheep, we filled 60 litres of 98 octane for £25. — at Ibis Sibir Omsk.


We had a fabulous steak last night in the Ibis, a pleasant surprise!
Richard & Graham


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