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Day #18 - Yekaterinburg to Perm (420km)

Posted on 29th June, 2016

Day #18 - Yekaterinburg to Perm (420km)

Rally STATS:

Day: 9hrs 8mins (Total 136hrs 59mins) Overall Position: 20  Class Position: 6


Another 500 km nearer Europe, scenery is improving with low mountains and lakes, but still crappy roads. We passed from Asia into Europe today, marked by a large concrete sign - photo below.

We were also feted in a town where obviously nothing much happens, because the whole town turned out to cheer us driving around the local running track and over a podium. I was asked to get out and talk to the schools English teachers. We were given a nice book on their area, in Russian???

Yes, this is really our hotel name,

Hotel Prikmie, last inhabited by Anne Frank whose room I am sleeping in. — in Perm, Russia.


Check out the Rally Stats! 20th Overall, 6th in Class!! BOOM!


mmmm... breakfast? McD's soon!






































Scenery is getting more interesting as we get further west. Lovely reception for us on route - everyone so happy to see us. Shower and food calls !

Graham & Richard x x




















"Today we set course for the most northerly point of our journey. The city of Perm which, as of the 2010 census, the city was the thirteenth most populous in Russia, although from 1940 to 1957 it was actually named Molotov. The Nobel-prize-winning writer Boris Pasternak lived in Perm for a while, and the City features in his novel Doctor Zhivago under its fictional name "Yuriatin".

As we left Yekaterinburg the weather was awful, 10°c with heavy rain. Trams, trolley buses and traffic were splashing into town as we were leaving it so we avoided any hold ups on our way to the dual carriageway.

In the geographical sense, we left Asia and entered Europe today as we crossed the Urals. And, whilst the scenery has been changing slowly, to give us a few hills on the horizon for example, it is perhaps the improving infrastructure that is the most striking development for the over land traveller; the dual carriageway we used this morning being a perfect illustration of this"

Syd Stelvio - ERA Rally Report

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