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Day #20 - REST DAY #3 - Kazan Russia

Posted on 3rd July, 2016


If you call taking the car to get its windscreen stone chips sorted ( try doing that in Russia without speaking Russian), then back to the hotel - all wheels off , everything checked , car emptied cleaned inside and re packed followed by lunch at 5pm , if you call that that a rest day then what a perfect one it was. 

Slightly dirty after yesterday's excursions to Kazan
Now then if you go to the multi story car park and park up in the corner a guy will sort your windscreen out ! 
We've had loads of coverage at the overnight stops . Google may find some more pics for you. I was interviewed for tv at the parade stopover!
Check out Youtube channel https://youtu.be/HaiZWLsCZRU  - and spookily the Russian Site posting the video is www.car72.ru ? are we really that famous now!!
Spot us at 4min 30sec and 5min 19sec - blink and you'll miss us!!
"Your usual Mr York?"
"That'll do nicely.."

 Back on the road tomorrow - shower and bed time! Big smakers from Russia X X


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