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Day #21 - Kazan to Nizhny Novgorod (436km)

Posted on 3rd July, 2016

Day #21 - Kazan to Nizhny Novgorod (436km)

Rally STATS:
Day: 9hrs 9mins (Total 156hrs 18mins) Overall Position: 19  Class Position: 6

Another long hot day - ended with a nice parade in front of the locals at a museum of military equipment ! 

480km today, no tests and mostly Tarmac of improving quality. The further west we get the better the scenery, with rolling hills and cultivated vast fields. The villages look a little less ramshackle. We were welcomed into town by driving through the local park again. Our hotel is careworn with small rooms, no sharing tonight. We can't do the buffets anymore and walked 30 mins trying to find a restaurant, we succumbed to a Macdonalds in the end. Full meal plus shake,£7, for two. Appalled at myself, but I only had breakfast and an ice cream.

Admin: Slight editing error - see yesterday for MacDonald photo's - they send random emails!!

Interesting access on to the bridge.

Some better roads - but then just when you think it's  clear - bang - potholes ruts you name it they've got it! 

The marshals have a hard time! 
Two more days left in Russia - yippee . Wonder what Belarus has to offer. 
Another day done.
Bring on Day #22.
Graham & Richard cruising.... X X


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