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Day #25 - Minsk to Brest (494km)

Posted on 7th July, 2016

Day #25 - Minsk to Brest (494km)

Rally STATS:

Day: 9hrs 2mins (Total 197hrs 31mins) Overall Position: 18  Class Position: 5

Another 500km of mainly interesting scenery - Belarus has surprised us - and fabulous people interested in cars ! As we arrived in Brest tonight we can almost touch the Polish border and back in the EU.


Four time trials expertly handled by Riccardo and the long bits driven by yours truly . Hotel yet again reminds us of Colditz - such a shame as the city is lovely and we found a fab bar to eat in. Only downside is we have a cracked engine mount bracket . Going to limp to Poland tomorrow morning and get it welded . Amazon cars are couriering the part to Budapest for our rest day on Sunday together with some bits for our rear differential which we have concerns about .

Day 26 here we come . The challenge gets no easier but there's a real sense of achievement every day.

Start of the day - great hotel!
It started so well and ended with - see the last picture....:(   Chalk and cheese

First time trial of the day in sunshine !
Some spectacular buildings on route
Oh did I tell you it poured again ! Awfull driving conditions and my feet got wet - again !
Lovely welcome in Brest
No comment on the hotel other than I thought about pitching my tent in the car park !
Admin: Rooms available by the hour!! (when on tour....)

Oh yes - great bar and bistro to watch the footy ! Come on Wales.


Great day - Belarus is fab - pleasant surprise after Russia. Four time trials , 500km , sunshine and torrential rain all in one long day . Poland here we come as long as the engine mount bracket doesn't give up on us !

G & R x

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