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Day #26 - Brest to Rzeszow Poland (315km)

Posted on 7th July, 2016

Day #26 - Brest to Rzeszow Poland (315km)

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Colditz lived up to its name, my first room had no bed in it, but a step ladder and tools- meltdown time.

Went to a local bar to eat and watch the footie, look at the bill, it cost 1.9 million Roubles !!

Breakfast - chips and vanilla milkshake for some . I went breakfast muffin option !

Admin: Maccy D's again boys! Lard up! Good on ya!

The car is officially authorised to leave Belarus!

Crossed the border into Poland, there was much more interest on the Belarus side in letting us out, they looked in the boot 4 times and at our passport 3 times, in the space of 400 yds.

A spot ornithology - any ideas? Graham thought they were Shags - kept him amused for 300km - Admin license

Now in a nice hotel in Rzeszow after a 300km run.

There was a bracket there and a mount ! When we took the bracket off it fell apart...











We have replaced an engine mount when we removed the bracket it broke in two, that side of the engine was being held by one bolt !

The tech guys welded it back together with a reinforcing plate and we refitted it. Much respect to the mechanics.

Dinner in the restaurant again- we just can't stand a buffet every night. — Hotel Rzeszów

Another early start . Slight concern we didn't have out uk car insurance doc for the border control in to Poland - we did but wasn't required . Still it got me out if bed at 6am to go to the car to look for it. Border control was fun - not ! How many times do they need to look in the boot if our car ? Well 4 is the correct answer ! What a fiasco  ! It was funny watching them try to look in the boot if a Karman Ghia ! Yes they found the engine . 

Shower and Dinner beckon . Tomorrow Slovakia ! 

Goodnight all, P2P Out.



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