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Day #27 - Rzeszow to Kosice,Slovakia (320km)

Posted on 10th July, 2016

Day #27 - Rzeszow to Kosice,Slovakia (320km)

Rally STATS:

Day: 7hrs 34mins (Total 204hrs 57mins) Overall Position: 16 Class Position: 4

Started with a big send off at Rzeszow Town Square. Only 320km today with 4 time trials . Stunning scenery - lovely people what a day! The arrival in Slovakia was as warm as our departure from Poland . Car is holding up well . Welded engine mount bracket is working perfectly . The brakes took a hammering on the time trials and the diff still grinds away but another day and it's a rest day for the car . 

Leaving Poland this morning 

Beautiful churches everywhere
The locals are around every corner waving us on 

What a welcome - they closed the roads - Skovakia what a surprise 
Happy days - it's food time!


Another great day in Poland/Slovakia with town centre welcome parties at both ends. Lovely scenery and villages, much better Tarmac and 4 short closed road tests.

The car did well except we lack some power going uphill, we also have too much weight on board. Bad day for a front running Escort that fell over but eventually got going after the fire was extinguished. Even worse day for the second place Mustang that went off, rolled and ended up in a ravine. The driver was slightly hurt but their rally is over. Nice hotel in Kosice, and a lovely town. — Hotel Yasmin, Košice

Bring on Day#28


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