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Day #29 - REST DAY #4 - Budapest

Posted on 11th July, 2016

Day #29 - REST DAY #4 - Budapest

Sunday 10th July 2016

"A hot and sunny day today in downtown Budapest and, with a city so well endowed with pavement cafes, bars and restaurants the temptation was to sit back and relax. It’s been a tough few weeks and some bodies are crying out for some TLC and a bit of me time. So are the cars though, and that’s the problem; balancing the needs of the crew and the attention demanded by the rally car. It’s a fine line and, today we saw many crews trying to stay on the right side of it with beer and sandwiches next to the tool box down in the service park" - Syd Stelvio - ERA Website Report

Well it started with a late breakfast - 8.15 . Lovely hotel great breakfast. 

Then mini bus to the park where the cars are all on display to work on the car in 34c heat! 
Diff oil changed , UJ changed, engine oil change, tappets adjusted and all other fluids checked . Hopefully that should get us to Paris . 
Hotel change tomorrow - flooding in Slovenia has caused havoc . 
3 hours off this afternoon to see the sights . What a fabulous place and sad to not be here a few more days.
Lots of work to do - and it's hot !
So hot someone decided serious action was required!

Admin: if we get some comments the un-censored image appears....

Fabulous mix of old and new buildings
Still smiling ! 
Everyone should visit Budapest!
and finally.....
Well done Portugal!
Well done Lewis!
Well done Murray!
Happy Birthday Chloe Jane!
Ricardo & Graham - stay cool man! x




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Fantastic journey so far. Looking forward to hearing some of your stories. Hope we can catch up on the 14th in St. Moritz. Email: rachel.simpkin@gmail.com