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Day #30 - Budapest to Maribor, Slovenia (410km)

Posted on 12th July, 2016

Day #30 - Budapest to Maribor, Slovenia (410km)


Rally STATS:

Day: 9hrs 36mins (Total 224hrs 16mins) Overall Position: 15 Class Position: 4


Lost track of what the day is!! Budapest seems an age ago.

Lovely send off on a scorching hot day - we will be back! 


It all started going wrong when it took an hour to do 5km. Then we hit the open road and the vibration from hell started ! We initially thought propshaft as we changed a UJ yesterday . Phone calls to tech support and Amazon cars gave us some information so first opportunity propshaft off . 40 mins later back on the road and ....no change ! Max speed was 50mph before the car would have disintegrated from the vibration . Propshaft came off 5 times during the day. We limped in to the hotel 10 hours after leaving Budapest wondering how late out night would be and what could it be? Bearings , mounts , engine - we were starting to wonder . Decided one last removal as we waited for the sweep crew and hey presto - one of the circlips on the new UJ was not fully home and there was play. A hammer and socket soon made the necessary adjustment and road test followed ! All good . It's been a tough long frustrating day but we did every challenge and every time control and we will sleep well tomorrow . 


Leaving Budapest - wow it's hot 

The culprit - just one little circlip  caused us so much grief 

Still managed to see some fab sights on route

Propshaft off take 1

Propshaft off take 2?

We enter Solvenia at 50mph wondering if we will get to the hotel or not...

Not again !

Finally it's sorted. 


Day # WHATEVER - Here we come!


Richard & Graham - ready for bed.... or a dip?

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