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Day #33 - San Martino to St. Moritz, Switzerland (390km)

Posted on 15th July, 2016

33 - San Martino to St. Moritz, Switzerland (390km)


Rally SATS:

Day10hrs 41mins (Total 254hrs 14mins) Overall Position: 15th Class Position: 5th


A wet day was followed by a wet night but the clouds soon disappeared and the sun came out for our drive from Italy to St Moritz in Switzerland. Another long drive but one of the best ! Fabulous scenery - great stops and the car still behaving ! Today was a great challenging day on the P to P !


First time trial included a fab water crossing ! No flippers required

Roads are great - just one of the ones we drove.















Four trials - the third trial nearly lost us Gold when 7 minutes into the winding stage a horrible noise starts under the car from around the front of the propshaft !!! Car stopped in pouring rain a visible inspection shows nothing so we decide to

Limp to the end if the stage. Soaking wet the result of further indirection shows a stone rattling around the centre bearing housing ! How did that get in there?

Five mountains climbed - five descended - hundreds of hairpin bends driven .

Switzerland here we come !

Leaving Slovenia

Countryside still amazing

Car still has 4 wheels on !

Great tunnels

Lunch !

The Dolomites - shame the Suns not out !

Arrived - 7pm and nearly 40 minutes late !

Tough day ! Now work on the car starts







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